Recommended Lotions Lists

  • Amlactin Foot Repair Cream – helps exfoliate and moisturize
  • Aveeno Eczema Therapy – colloidal oatmeal ceramides to soothe skin
  • CeraVe Itch relief lotion – pramoxine helps itch and ceramides
  • CeraVe Psoriasis Cream – helps exfoliate and peel skin layers
  • Curel Foot therapy – for dry, cracked feet
  • Eucerin Roughness Spot treatment – urea and ceramides for callus.
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics – for dry skin

Useful info

  • Ceramides – help bind water to skin layers and keeps skin hydrated
  • Humectants – like ‘glycerin’ will promote water absorption into skin
  • Occlusives – like ‘petroleum’ will act as a barrier to reduce water loss
  • Emollients – like ‘dimethicone’ will give a smooth texture to the skin