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How to Select the Right Running Shoes

One of the best parts of running is that it requires only a pair of shoes. Those shoes must fit properly though. To help facilitate that, Premier Podiatry offers the following tips:

Prepare for your shopping trip

For the best fit, shop at the end of the day. Your feet swell as the day goes on. Also, be sure to bring the socks you plan to wear while running, as well as any inserts or orthotics. And even if you think you know your shoe size, have your feet measured. For some people, each foot is be a slightly different size and shape. In fact, some runners even buy a different size for each foot.

Toe wiggle test

Your shoes should be wide enough at the top and around your toes to wiggle those digits freely. If your shoes are too narrow, your weight and pressure won’t be correctly distributed when you’re running. Aim for about a half an inch between your forefoot and the front of the shoes. Your big toe shouldn’t feel tight against the wall of the shoe, and your little toe shouldn’t be wedged against the side.

Know your arch

If you have medium arches, you can wear a variety of styles or brands of running shoes, ranging from those with moderate to substantial cushioning and arch support.

However, if you arches are high, which means you likely place more force on the outside edges of your feet (under-pronation), you’ll want to go for extra cushioning. Extra cushioning will help reduce the shock of impact. Cushioning varies widely — as much as 50% – among shoes.

If you have low arches, which means your feet roll to the inside (overpronation) when they hit the pavement, look for running shoes that provide stability. These shoes may include a “post” of firmer material on the side of your shoe at the midsole where your arch is.

If you have flat feet or very low arches, opt for running shoes that have motion control features that include firmer heels and a design that counteracts your overpronation.

Go light

Running with heavy shoes increases the load on your body. If everything else is equal, choose the shoe that weighs the least.

Take a test run

Reputable shoe stores should permit you to take a short test run. Make sure you take advantage of that to ensure that the shoes you choose are comfortable.

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