An Epifix Graft is a type of Dehydrated Human Amnion allograft that is composed of numerous layers, including one layer of epithelial cells. An epithelial cell is a type of basement membrane and avascular connective tissue matrix. In layman’s terms, the graft is designed to treat common foot or ankle ailments, including chronic diabetic foot ulcers in refractory or non-refractory patients. After multiple treatments, the open wound on the foot or toes will begin to heal and close itself.

Epifix Graft

The Epifix Graft is an effective method for treating patients suffering from painful wounds or illnesses. The graft works quickly and without adverse side effects by achieving complete closure of chronic wounds. In fact, the vast majority of patients who undergo a foot graft will never experience side effects.

For patients looking to avoid costly or painful surgery options, a graft is a viable solution for acute and chronic wound care. The benefits of an Epifix Graft include:

  • Enhanced healing
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced scar tissue formation


Our doctors can easily manipulate the graft to fit all manner of wounds and patients, allowing for easy, intuitive application. An assessment by an experienced doctor will be required, to determine the injury cause, duration, and prior treatments. We will want to know your medical history beforehand as well, to ensure that our doctors offer you the most comprehensive care.

Depending on the wound size (length, width, and depth) and whether infection or bone exposure is present, we will accommodate each patient and manipulate the graft successfully to treat the affected region of the body.

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